Renew Indian Passport in USA (VFS Process, Documents)

I’m renewing my passport due to exhaustion of pages. My current passport has my old Indian Address which needs to be changed to either our new Indian Address or to my current US Address. I have a couple of doubts and would appreciate your help.

Q1) What are the pros/cons on having US Address on Passport as opposed to Indian Address?

I understand that getting US address printed is easy process-wise, but I’d like to know if there are any benefits (maybe legal, financial, etc) of choosing one option versus the other, down the line.

Q2) If I want to have the new Indian Address printed, would sending only the Aadhar card (self attested) suffice? I don’t have any other document with my name and new address.

Thanks in advance!

  1. I am not aware of any pros and cons of having US Address. I do know some people continue to keep Indian address as a valid, govt ID for address proof. You need to mention at least one Indian address so PV can happen in either scenario - i.e. irrespective of what address you are getting printed.

  2. Yes

Thanks for the reply!

Correct me if I’m wrong, If I want to print new India Address, do I need 2 documents as proof address?

1st doc as “Proof of address must match with the present address as per application” as per the checklist and,
2nd doc as “INDIAN ADDRESS PROOF (If Applicants wants to add/Change Indian Address)”.

Or, will just the Aadhar card work?

1st one is for your “Present address” i.e. US Address.

2nd One is for your Indian Address.

You need one each for both.

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On the checklist, point number 7, it says proof of address, notarized. Should that be “Passport printable address” or USA address where i am currently staying?

I want Indian address to be “Passport printable address”, but I only have eAadhar card which I can self attest and cannot notarize.

See if this answers your queries. There is a document section as well.

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contacted my attorney and got an apology from them saying they have lost it. They took like a week to inform me :smirk:

Sorry to hear that. Did you get back your old Passport?

I do. They lost my I-797C. Which is listed as one of the documents required if you have an expired Visa . The language is slightly confusing there so wanted to be safe and send all the documents but Alas I have to take a chance with just I-797A. Hope that it would work out.

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Hi, I am trying to retain Indian address in my passport renewal, and also have US address as other address listed in the application. I have Indian address proof that I am going to self-attest, in that case should I also send a notarized address proof for US address as well in my application package or just providing self-attested Indian address proof is sufficient? I didn’t find any information related to this on the VFS website.


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I did the same. Go thru this (there are other posts on this forum by very helpful community members. Take some time out to go through them):

Hi @Diwedy

My Indian passport is expired last month and I want to apply for the Renewal and I have a few questions. I would appreciate your response.

  1. There is a correction needed (Street name update) in the existing Address on my passport. The correct address is on Adhaar card. So I want to use Adhaar Card as Indian Address Proof. But the issue is that,
    The address on My Adhaar card and my Expired Passport has state as “Andhra Pradesh” But after the state bifurcation, It now comes under state “Telangana”. Can I use Adhaar card with state as “Andhra Pradesh” while in the re-issuance passport application, it shows “Telangana”. Is that going to be an issue?

  2. If there is an address change and change in appearance, can I still apply in ‘Tatkal’?

  3. Should I send Color copies of all the required documents including first and last pages of the Passport?

  4. Can I use a paperclip to bind the documents together? do I need to keep the original passport in a separate envelope?


Hello - Here you go:

  1. If the address is of Telangana, that’s what needs to be mentioned. Did you refresh you Aadhaar on website to check if the change is reflected automatically? If yes, you can download e-Aadhaar and use it.
  2. No, in Tatkal you cannot change address. They almost match letter to letter.
  3. Only the ones explicitly mentioned in checklist. E.g. “Valid Status in US” (say, I797) and Address Proof. Remember to cross-check the latest checklist properly as requirements keep changing.
  4. Yes, you can use paperclip. DO NOT STAPLE. It’s good to keep passport in an envelope or pouch and use a clip to attach with other documents, as it’s easy to lose.

Hi @Diwedy

Thank you so much for the response.
I have not used/registered for e-Aadhaar earlier. I only have the copy that was issued when I first applied years ago. Now I tried to download or check but the website is not accessible outside India.
I also read somewhere that to download e-Aadhaar, you need to have a registered mobile number to receive OTP. How can I download e-Aadhaar in this case?


Yes, you need the same mobile number which you had used to get Aadhaar. Else, you will have to update latest number. You can use trusted VPN for accessing site.

If nothing works, you will have to go with what you have. There are other docs, which are acceptable as valid address proof. Take a look at those too…

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Ask some relative to go to adhaar enrollment center/ meeseva center/post office with a copy of your adhaar card to link/update mobile number, it takes a week max. Then you are ready, go to myAdhaar/ UIDIA website and choose ‘Demographic update’ or download e-adhaar options, enter UID and OTP. If you want to update your adhaar, keep supporting docs ready and it take 3-4 days. I use VPN to access adhaar portal from US.

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Hi @Diwedy Thank you.

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Hi @mrafi

Thank you for sharing the information.

I got to know that It is mandatory for the Aadhar card holder to be present at the enrolment center for biometrics even just for linking/updating mobile number. They cannot update it without the applicant.

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Hi @Diwedy

I have a few more questions while printing the application and required documents.

  • Do I need to send all the pages of PG&E electricity bill or only the first page? If All pages, then does it require a notary signature on all pages? How about Rental Lease? How many pages to send and how many to notarize?

  • For Passport’s first 5 and last 2 pages, I need to print each page on a separate paper right? so a total of 10 pages. And The Photo page and the last address page should be in portrait as it is or should it be landscape so that the details are readable without turning paper?

  • Do we need to print the Passport Application form within 4 pages? Currently, it gets printed on 5.


  1. First page of PG&E (with address and other details) is enough.

Lease: At least 2 pages - one, which has your rental details (along with address, of course) and 2nd, where both parties have signed.

One document, one notarization; irrespective of number of pages in that document.

  1. You can print 2 consecutive pages of passport on one page (e.g Page 2-3; 4-5; etc.). Prints generally should be in portraits incl. Application form.

  2. No, 5 is okie. Should be printed in portrait.