Renew Indian Passport in USA (VFS Process, Documents)

@anil_am22 - I have just noticed that the format for Self Sworn Affidavit form is little bit different between VFS & app form in your article, they have mentioned about Indian address & Police station (link is below). Will it cause any issues If I create using your app OR we should use the format given by VFS?

Appreciate all your help and support.

The app’s format has been tried and tested and it works.

You can write the police station name by hand if you know it.

The police station is actually filled on the government’s passport application form where they let you select a value.

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@anil_am22 - OK got it, sounds great. Thanks a ton, much appreciated.

Just a few last questions -

  • I 797 approval notice for H4 contains only 1 page (unlike H1B which contains 2 pages). So, copy of 1 page is fine for H4 OR both front & back required?

  • Can we place the original Passport on top of the VFS document checklist OR it should be arranged in the order it is mentioned?

  • Also, can we keep the passport in the small envelope which we use to mail any letter OR it should be passport cover? Please guide.

Appreciate all your help and support.

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  • Front Page should be fine
  • Passport can be kept anywhere. Other docs should be in the order mentioned in checklist
  • Small envelope is okie. You can send it without any envelope too.

Thank you so much for the details, really appreciate it.

@anil_am22 / @Diwedy - I was entering my Indian address (To be printed on the passport) in the Govt Online application form and due to character limit in the address textbox, I missed out on 1 character i.e. instead of ROAD, I could type in only ROA. So, just wanted to check if I use RD instead of ROAD, will it be considered a change in the address?

I am trying to put the same address as my current passport. In my current passport, I have ROAD but due to character limit in the application form, I am not able to type in the full word.

Appreciate your guidance on this.

Hi @rachitdamani

There is no fixed concrete answer for this. VFS is picky and may or may not approve it. They match each letter by letter.

You will probably have to speak to them to know if they will accept ‘rd’ for ‘road’. They do make an exception for cases where the online site does not allow the full address to be entered.

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Hi @anil_am22 - Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

I spoke with them and they said that you can write ‘rd’ instead of ‘road’ due to character limitation and it should be fine, it won’t be considered a change in address.

Thanks a lot for all your support and help, really appreciate it.


Question about self sworn affidavit for Indian address. The VFS site form is what we need to write in to or we can create the same on word doc and print?


Either way works - Print and fill; or, you can create a filled in word doc and then print.

Third option: you can use this app too - easy and simple:


In one of the application forms it says handwriten forms are not accepted.

How do we submit these forms which are on the links in checklist. There is no option to type in to these forms.

  1. Annexure E - Point 2 - there is no option to select date online?
  2. Affidavit for change of appearance and signature
  3. Self sworn affidavit for Indian Address - the format is different on the Checklist

Thanks in advance!!

People on this forum have confirmed that handwritten forms (ones you mentioned) have been accepted. If you aren’t confident, either recreate the forms in word doc or use the links from the article.

Affidavit for change of appearance and signature: you can print and fill it offline, in case you are wary about the photo box, etc. Handwritten is accepted.

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Hi everyone.
I am just starting my application. I am in Massachusetts and will file my application for passport renewal to NY consulate. But I have a question about the documents.
For birth date verification do I need to submit the original birth certificate or a copy of it.
I am scared to send my original one so wanted to clear my doubt.


A copy. The only original document you send is your existing passport!

NY office vfs is lagging behind a lot. My Tatkal application received last week has not even been entered in the system yet due to Covid19 closures

Thank you so much. That’s bad because I am trying to do Tatkal hoping I would get it in 1 month.

The default date printed on the form is the current date and it is fine. It does not matter.

Now, my current passport is with VFS NewYork… Its sent under Tatkal - But it looks like they are running slow due to Covid restrictions…

My company has started to file for my H1B extension. Now, they plan to send it in a week to USCIS. They have asked for my current passport details…

Will it be a problem with my extension to use the current passport copy (I have scanned it) or should I wait? I dont know how much longer VFS will be… to send it to Embassy and get it back…

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hello ,
Few Questions :

  1. There are multiple documents which gets duplicated like passport copies and 797A , specially in case of Minors . Do we need to submit these copies multiple times? or providing 1 copy is enough to serve the purpose under multiple Mandatory Documents
  2. in NJ , Banks or UPS do not notarize the VISA/ Passports / License / I797A … is there any solution for that ?
  3. They say to submit color copy of Legal status in US , in my son’s cases its 797C and my 797A which are by default Black. Hope thats fine


I visited the VFS passport services website on 4th Apr 2021 and noticed that they have updated the document list and removed the “Self Sworn Affidavit” requirement for adults from both the web page and also from the PDF checklist file. I have provided the links below for quick reference.

  1. Does anyone know if Govt. of India / VFS has stopped asking for the self sworn affidavit?
  2. Has anyone recently submitted their passport for renewal without the self sworn affidavit?

VFS Web Page Link

Updated Checklist PDF Link

Thank you in advance for the response.

USCIS might send an RFE to submit new passport if it expires before they take a decision on your application.

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