Renew Indian Passport in USA (VFS Process, Documents)

Hi @anil_am22, quick question – We are applying for renewal of my wife’s passport with US address proof. She has DL from a different state from where we reside(because she moved recently). So, can’t use it. And all the house and utility bills are on my name.
Can I use my address proof with our marriage certificate? will that work as address proof for her application?

  1. No. I can’t think of any. You would need at least 1 Indian address.
  1. Users have shared varied experiences on this. PV may or may not happen. In many cases Police visited the premises, while in others they called people to Police Station.
  1. You can give contact details of your friend/neighbor too and give them your documents, if PV happens.

did you get passport done ? I am trying to apply in tatkal while my USCIS application is pending. any idea if that is acceptable?

@anil_am22 @Tammali_Manoj @Diwedy @Nitesh_Reddy @dineshd Can someone help?
I have few question if someone can help? I am renewing my son’s Indian passport (Minor)

  1. As per the checklist It says that we need to share the Passport and Approval Notice but does not say self attested and notarized. However later in the checklist it says that passport needs to be self attested and approval needs to be notarized.
    Q - Do we need to send 2 copies or 1 is fine?

  1. Does Checklist needs to be filled by us?
  2. My Lease is month on month so i am putting utility bill for address proof with Lease main page. Is that enough? or do we need to mention on sticky notes explaining Month on Month Lease.?
  3. In case of applicant residing with parents/children/ relatives, a notarized undertaking from them with one of the copies of address proof as indicated above. - What is this Document?
  4. We are not changing Indian Address - Do we need to share Indian Address Proof?
  5. Do we need to Self Attest the documents as checklist only says for Passport

Did you go through the article? It has all the details and answers to all your questions.

@anil_am22 I went through it. Did not answered the questions.

I also made a mistake in the parents name section, should I create a new application with new email id?

If you have submitted application but you are yet to make payment/send it to VFS, create another one with correct info (with same email id)…

If you have already sent application, reach out to VFS…

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Hello guys,

Do we know if a pre-authorization from Indian Embassy is still required in July-2021 for TATKAL renewal/reissue of Indian Passport and if the answer is a yes, how do we get that pre-authorization? Nobody at the Indian Embassy at Washington DC ever picks up the phone when you press ‘3’ on IVR for “Passport and Miscellaneous Services”. Can they be reached via email and ever respond to enquiries via email?

Best regards!

No, it’s not required.

Try reaching out to them or VFS on Twitter - response is faster.

Thank you Pankaj! Twitter is a good suggestion. In 2021, I still need to create my Twitter account :smiley:

Hi @anil_am22 @Diwedy - I have a few questions regarding Child passport renewal:

  1. In case of self attestation -
    a. Does child need to sign parents documents as well like Father/Mother’s passport copies, I797 approval etc. OR only respective parent needs to sign their own documents?
    b. Can only one parent sign all other child’s documents along with the various forms OR both of the parents need to sign?

  2. In case of notary -
    a. Does parent need to sign as well along with the child OR only child’s sign is enough along with the notary officer?

  3. I can use my alternate email address to register my child with Indian Govt site. Correct?

Please do let me know on the above. Your help and support would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Rachit Damani

This might help you:

Go thru’ the checklist. It has all relevant info:

Thanks a lot for the details, much appreciated.

However, they don’t have any info about the below:

In case of notary -
a. Does parent need to sign as well along with the child OR only child’s sign is enough along with the notary officer?

I can use my alternate email address to register my child with Indian Govt site. Correct?

Please do let me know if you have any idea/info on the above.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

@anil_am22 - The various forms required for Passport renewal on the AM22TECH app are showing 1 week old date when you click on Email Me button.

For e.g. The form is showing Jul 15, 2021 date when I filled and emailed it today.

Please have a look into it.

Thanks & Regards,
Rachit Damani

Thanks. We are checking.

Is it mandatory to use the same email id to create another govt application? Can one not use another email id to create a new profile and application? Thanks.

My daughter is turning 15 in Jan 2021 and I am trying for her passport renewal. On website I have selected 36 pages passport (As its not allowing of 60 pages for Minor). Next step I did is import that profile to and when I am following the steps I am getting an error as “The age entered is not applicable for this service category…” I am attaching snapshot for exact error. Please see attachment for reference and exact error, can someone please guide me as how to proceed with this situation?


I have noticed a few issues w.r.t. various forms for Passport renewal on the AM22TECH app as below:

  • Annexure D: Due to character limit in Birth Place textbox under Child Details section, I am not able to enter City, State, Country but just the City name.
  • Annexure D: Whatever you enter in Birth Place textbox under Child Details section getting copied over to Place textbox under Mother Details section. It should have Passport Place of Issue just like Father Details section. Also, there is character limit.
  • All Forms: Payment is required to generate all the forms now even though we are a registered users of the AM22TECH, it was not the case earlier.
  • All Forms: Let’s say we entered some wrong details in the forms and wanted to correct it, do we need to pay every time?

Please have a look into it.

Appreciate all your help and support.

Thanks & Regards,
Rachit Damani

Hi @rachitdamani

  1. The text box for place of birth has limited space because only the city or state name is required. You don’t need to write the whole address there.

All the validations have been placed after careful consideration.

  1. We are checking this and will get it fixed if its a bug.

  2. Thanks for highlighting it. The payment is required to support the development efforts, software licensing, maintenance, support and the value we bring for our members.

If you noticed, we have subsidized the cost to a great extent just to make sure that we charge as less as possible to keep the service running.

We appreciate that you shared your concerns and are committed to serving our members.