Renew Indian Passport in USA (VFS Process, Documents)

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Thank you for posting questions and answering them. I have a question regarding notarizing document. I got all the required documents notarized at UPS except my EAD card (for COPY OF THE VALID STATUS IN THE USA). Is there any other place where they notarize EAD/I-20/I-797 approval document? UPS person told that Texas state doesn’t allow them to notarize documents that are in public records. Any help is highly appreciated.

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Were you able to notarize the US Valid status (EAD Card, Visa copy or I-797). I am facing an issue in getting this one document notarized. UPS doesn’t notarize this document.

@Sudharshan_Raman I was able to get notarization done by a licensed individual. If you are in NJ there are multiple such locations.
In past I was able to get letter from bank stating that they don’t notarize such things and it was accepted.
Would also suggest talking to VFS office if you don’t find any individual to do notary as their guidelines changes very frequently

In the state where I live notaries available at UPS store were able to notarize it.
I don’t know what is the specific law in Texas that is stopping them from notarizing certain documents but if that is indeed the case you can talk to vfs and ask them what to do in such scenario.

I’m about to start my passport renewal process (Exp Nov 2022) and had a few questions before I start my journey.

  1. What gets classified under “Change of Appearance” ? Most answers I’ve seen are vague and it’s unclear if my 10 year old passport would fall under this category since I look a little different compared to then of course. A friend of mine mentioned he was able to renew under Tatkaal and the ‘Change of Appearance’ was only for drastic changes like surgery or something.

  2. The only original document required is the old passport right? My I797-A and any other supporting documents would only need to be color copied and notarized.

  3. Explicit approval for Tatkaal is not required right?

  4. If I plan to use my Indian address, can I use a USA telephone number in the application or am I required to use an Indian number?

  1. For renewal after 10 years it will get counted as ‘change in appearance’.
  2. Yes. Go thru the checklist on VFS site which clearly lists all the required documents (incl. colour requirement).
  3. Approval not required.
  4. Indian number needed on which Police can contact for verification.
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In this case (passport renewal 10th year), does “Appearance” need to be checked in the application?

Yes, you can check mark that.

I am renewing my Indian passport in USA.

I have paid passport renewal fees but did not send my package yet. I want to upgrade from normal processing to tatkal?

Is there a way where i can pay that extra fee for the conversion or do i need to fill a new application again by requesting the refund for already paid fees?


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Were you able to get an update? I have sent the application and is delivered in washington center a week before but no updates in their tracking system.

I have sent the application and is delivered in washington center a week back but no updates in their tracking system. How long does it take for the application to be in their system?

Did you got any updates? My application reached last Thursday and no updates yet.

I am about to submit an application for my wifes passport renewal.
Her current passport has only Given Name and Blank Surname.
I am submitting an application to add my surname to her new passport.

I contacted vfs and they are saying that Name change affidavit , Marriage certificate and my passport copies are needed.

Can somebody help me in understanding how to get the Name change affidavit notarized ? It is asking for " In presence of 2 people " ?

I want to take an appointment for my minor kid’s passport renewal forms submission at the NY passport application center.

I have the following questions

  1. Do I need to bring minor kids with me while submitting the application forms to the application center in NY?
  2. Will both parents need to come while submitting the minor kid’s application form?
  3. Can laptops be allowed while submitting the application forms?

@Diwedy If I understand what you are saying the sheet will look something like
“True copy”
Applicant signature
Notary seal & sign

Yes, you will write that you certify this is true copy of the document and you have the original document with you. then you will sign. Notary will tell you what exactly to write (unless he attaches certification copy which has the wordings in there).

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