Renew passport while L2 EAD is pending

My wife’s application for EAD is still pending but her passport will expire in ~6 months. Her previous I94 expires after the passport expiration though (the expiry date matches the l2 status date, which is after the passport expiry date). She’s currently working in her home country. Is it a good idea to renew the passport while the EAD application is still pending?

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Yes, you can apply for passport renewal while EAD application is pending.
No issues.


Hi @Anil.Gupta.

I am in a similar situation. While my EAD is pending for renewal, I have applied for my passport renewal while I am in India. Will that affect my EAD application, since I had submitted my previous passport copies along with my I765 application, along with other documents? The reason why I ask is that if they verify my details, they might find out that my passport number is now invalid. Please advise.


Hi @ishreena

USCIS will send you an RFE to submit new passport details if they have an issue.

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