Renewal passport query for monor and address not in website portal

Hi All,

I was applying for Indian passport renewal from the USA for a minor Son as per VFS guideline and have doubts about the address while filling details on Indian passport website ( .

Current Address on Passport is : Masjid Banda , Kondapur , Hyderabad with Pin Code 500084

But when filling the same address on the renewal portal I am not seeing my address under the Hyderabad drop-down option . Now “Kondapur” is shown under Sangareddy district and even with different pin code. I am not able to find pinched 500084 in any of the existing options on the portal.

If I choose option for Kondapur my address will be on new application as : Masjid Banda , Kondapur , Sangareddy with pin-code 502306

Also Nearest police station Kondapur is with this address .

So I have the following doubts.

  1. If I choose “Sangareddy” district will this be considered as address change as district changes from Hyderabad to Sangareddy and pinched change from 500084 to 502306 ?

  2. Should I keep the Hyderabad option on the portal even though Kondapur police station is not under it and choose nearby pin code which will be different then existing 500084 and police station Banjara hill as only this option I am aware that near Kondapur address ?

  3. VFS says “your existing passport and all supplementary forms must be identical” , In this case is there any chance of application being rejected.

  4. Portal ask 2 address “Passport Printable Address Details” and “Other Address Details” , Should I fill Indian address in first address and USA address in “Other Address” option ?