Renewed my passport after booking a Visa appointment

Hello Everyone,
I have renewed my Passport after booking a visa appointment slot.
Therefore CGI federal website and DS160 form all have my old passport number now. And I am not able to change those details to new passport details.

What should I do?


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Looks like you have created another post on this. The other one will be deleted.

CGI> Try updating it using ‘Update Profile’. If you are not able to, reach out to US Travel Docs support desk to get it updated with relevant details.

DS160> You can fill another one and carry it with you; or, you can get current one updated when you visit Biometrics center before interview.

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Thank you Sir for your response.

CGI> I tried to update with US Travel Docs. They said they cant do it since appointment has already been booked. Below is there response.
“In response to your question, our records indicate that a receipt is associated with a profile or an appointment is already scheduled. Therefore, we request you to continue with your appointment, letting the officials at the Visa Application Center know about the changes to be honored on the day of biometrics interview.”

So I am confused when should I let officials know before biometric interview or during the interview.

DS160> How does updating at Biometric center before interview works?
Should I show up early and visit which section to update?


  1. It’s clearly mentioned: ‘on the day of biometrics interview
  2. When you reach at VAC for Biometrics, check with people there when you show them your DS160.

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I am in the same situation but I have Dropbox appointment coming up next month. Do you know when should I let officer know? Would there be any officer available at Dropbox location?

Thank you.