Renunciation Certificate Online: Session Expired / Not available

One of the steps in the checklist for renunciation of Indian passport/citizenship is “Two Duly Filled and Signed Renunciation Certificate” , and there is a link that says “Click here to fill the form online on VFS Portal”.

However, when I click that link, it simply takes me to the VFS main menu page and displays an error that says ‘Session is expired, kindly initiate your application from VFS Global website again’.

I have tried different browsers / computers / etc. and I always get the same message. I tried logging into my account first and THEN clicking the link, and that too just takes me to my empty VFS home page.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Never mind, I asked this question too early. When creating my application on the VFS website, filling/creating the renunciation certificate is one of the steps towards the very end. Once the online application is complete, you get an e-mail with a copy of the renunciation certificate attached.

Long story short: ignore the link in the check-list.