Repeat Health Checks: wait for CO request or proactively?

Hi there,

I underwent health checks on 19 July 2018 as I expected to receive an invitation to lodge my 190 application shortly. The invite took longer than expected and in the end, I was able to lodge my application on 1 February 2019 (German applicant with NSW Sponsorship). My health checks are connected to my case (ImmiAccount says I have completed all necessary health checks)

MyImmiTracker currently predicts CO contact by 15 July 2019 and visa grant by 15 August 2019. There was no CO contact yet. However, my health checks will expire on 18 July 2019 as they are valid for a maximum of 12 months.

As the doctor (very few in Germany) only gives appointments a few weeks in advance, I am tempted to apply for renewing My HealthDeclarations (MHD) in my ImmiAccount and visit the doctor for new checks so I will be able to immediately refer to the updated Health Checks when the CO asks for it.

At the same time, the Homepage of the department of immigration says:
“Don’t use MHD if:

  • you have already lodged a visa application. Wait until your case officer asks you to have health examinations and gives you your unique health assessment identifier, or HAP ID. If you don’t, you might delay processing of your visa application”

Would you wait for the CO request to undergo new health checks or may I make an appointment with the doctor proactively as it is highly probable that new health checks will be requested by the CO? Why should that delay processing my application?


Hi @Syd2019

I suggest to wait for CO contact to get new Health checks.

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hi Anil,

I just lodged my visa application for 190. Two months from now, we are moving to another country for job. I am thinking if we take the health examination now, it only lasts for 12 months and there is a possibility we need to repeat/redo it if the visa processing takes longer than 12 month.

While i was filling up the health examination form, it said " If outside Australia you must attend the same panel physician during the course of your health examinations"

In the event that i have to redo the health examination, can i redo it in another country?

You can redo in another country.