Return to Emp A if H1B Transfer to B is approved but job position does not exist


I am currently working for employer A with valid i-797 till May 2022. Got a fulltime opportunity few months back with Employer B. H1B transfer filed while I am in US

Came to India as my mother expired. Went for visa stamping with approved i-797 of employer B. Because of family situation I couldn’t able to travel back to US right away. Position at employer B at jeopardy due to budget constrains and my long wait time in India

  1. What are my options if employer B withdraw my H1 or closed the position?
  2. Do I need to file H1 transfer back to employer A before coming to US ?
    (I am still working remote to employer A from India)


You can simply return to the US and work for employer A if they have not withdrawn their H1B at this time.

Thankyou for your reply Anil