Return to US after 2 years with approved i140, Get H4 EAD?

Hello Everyone,

I have a question regarding my approved I140. So I have an approved I140 from last 1 year and I just got to know that some part of my company has been acquired (I will be now working for the company that has acquired us) and the remaining company has changed their name to something else.

Simultaneously, my wife (she has h4 EAD) and I, decided to leave US and come back after 2 years as we decided to take a break.

Now, my question is, what will happen to my I140? Also can I come back on H1b if a company is willing to sponsor us and will my wife get h4 ead based on the approved I140 from the previous company?

Please let me know your thoughts on this?

Sahil Bhola

Hi @sahil_bhola

You can return to US using your i140 anytime until your priority date is current. You will be eligible for all benefits including H4 EAD if they are allowed at the time of application.