Returned to Netherlands after creating GPA in India - Can it be used for property registration?

Hi Anil. Thanks for the informative article. I was in India last week arranged a GPA to buy a property on loan. The GPA was notarized and submitted to the Banker for the loan formalities.

The GPA was not registered. The banker accepted the GPA even it is not registered. I understood from your article, the GPA will not be accepted during the property registration as it is not registered. I already traveled to the Netherlands. What should I do now?

Hi Raghav,
I think you have no option but to create a new one and follow the process for attesting it with Indian embassy and then registration in India.
The information is provided in above article.

Also, before going for it, ask the builder if they would be able to get your property registered even with un-registered one (that you already have). If builder is okay, you can avoid creating a new one.