Reuse of biometrics and following expediate through congressman

I expediated my h4 ead through congressman. I got a notice and online update stating my fingerprints have been applied to my I 539 form.

Today, I got a reply from USCIS-

"According to USCIS records, The service center attempted to reuse the biometrics data from a previous application. This was reflected on the constituent’s case online status. The reuse of prior biometrics was unsuccessful.

We are informed that the recent directive pertaining to the reuse of biometrics data is currently not applicable to Form I-539 cases".

I am so disappointed. I am not sure if anybody has this experience. Please advice.

Above response congressman’s office got from USCIS.

This is strange. USCIS did reuse the briometric in some cases as this:

Are you sure you have given Biometric for H4 application earlier in USA?

yes Anil, i had given biometrics in US for my h4 application on october 2019. Also,I have filed litigation with RN on April 17th litigation batch. Still no luck. Could you please advise me what else I can do to get my case approved? Thank you.

I guess you have already done what all you could.

Does Fingerprinting at a US consulate ( Mexico) for same H-4 visa stamping in 2019 out as previously fingerprinted and be used to this year while applying for I-539 ? or does the fingerprinting should have been done in the US to be considered for waiving fingerprinting?

@Anil.Gupta here is a snipshot of the notice I received from USCIS

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Hi Anil

Thank you for your valuable suggestions and timely help on this website .
Last year May as part of H4 extension my spouse had given biometrics in US at USCIS Tampa center . This year we had to file for H4 and H4 EAD again which are both pending at the moment . I am planning to put in an expedite request

  1. Will USCIS reuse last years biometrics ?

  2. As H4 needs to be approved first before the EAD in the expedite request I can put both H4 and H4EAD receipt numbers to be expedited ?


Hi @v2k

USCIS will reuse Biometric only if they were given in US.

Any update with regards to your case?
Did u get any notice for fingerprinting?

Please update


No, my case has not approved yet. Didn’t receive rescheduled biometrics notice.

Hi @ssharan Shruti, Did you receive this letter only for you? My Spouse (H4 extension) also received the same but for my kid i didn’t receive any letter or status change on online!


Yes I received this notice for myself.

@ssharan Have you applied H4 for your Kids (In case if you have)?

Hi, I don’t have kids.

Thanks for the update

@ssharan - Can you please tell me your receipt date and when you received this letter from USCIS?