Revocation Notice was sent from USCIS (<30 days from layoff), filed a Transfer petition on day 58

I was laid off from Employer A on Jan 13th.
Employer A sent a withdrawal petition. USCIS updated status “Revocation Notice was sent” (we revoked the approval of your case) on Feb 10th 2020 (Day 27).

I found another job with Employer B on March 8th. I have filed a petition with premium processing on March 11th.

  1. Will my revocation notice affect my chances?
  2. Am I considered out of status even if my visa is revoked within the 60 day window?
  3. My transfer petition went in after my revocation was sanctioned; does that count?

Kindly help.

You are fine as long as you file H1B transfer within 60 day grace period and before your i94 expiry.

Just start working for new employer and start your payroll to get back into H1B status on or before 60th day.