RFE for Greek language (Greencard Application)

The green card application received a RFE. I work for a grocery store (my employer). I am hired to work on procurement, marketing, and supply chain of products coming from Greece and to establish US products in Greek stores. I can speak Greek and that is the reason that I was hired to expand and venture into the Greek market.
They need two things in the RFE:

  1. Statement Explaining their need for Greek Language. For example: a business necessity to communicate with a large majority of the employer’s customers, contractors, or employees who cannot communicate effectively in English. The explanation should include an explanation of why duties of the position offered require frequent contact and communication with customers, employees, or contractors who cannot communicate in English and why it is reasonable to believe the allegedly foreign-language speaking customers, employees and contractors cannot communicate in English.

  2. Supporting Evidence to back up the statement. For example: Employer may provide the number and proportion of its clients, contractors, or employees who cannot communicate in English, and/or a detailed plan to market products or services in a foreign country. For example, emails, invoices, contracts, correspondence, etc. in the foreign language with a translation.

Can someone please help me in finding out what can be provided? The due date is this Friday and the lawyer only told me yesterday.

In such urgent matters, you should work with your employer and attorney to address and provide reasonable answer to the RFE questions.

Also the fact that you and your employer know better about your requirement for your job position and the job duties you do, it will not be a good idea to have someone on public forum respond to RFE questions.