RFE for H1B extension- Specialty Occupation, Employer employee relationship

I got RFE for H1 B extension ( three pieces in one RFE)

  1. Employer-Employee relationship Right to control
  2. Services in specialty occupation at third party off-site employment
  3. Completion of bachelor degree or higher degree in specialty (Progressive work experience).

12 yr exp in IT and working in E-V-V-C model.
For 1 & 2 i have end-client letter and end client has not provided any SOW/MSA between client and Prime vendor and mentioned she will work at client location till temporary period mentioned on the I-129.
Prime vendor has given supporting letter with my name, work location max work assigned period (months) not provided any other details

There is another company acting as manged service provider(MSP) given supporting letter and provided redacted MSA/SOW between prime vendor and MSP.
MSP has given email says client won’t provide SOW/MSA as per policy.

Sub vendor> Provided supporting letter and SOW between sub vendor and my employer.
Are these documents sufficient to respond 1 & 2?

for 3 i got expert opinion letter from trustforte.
Are these documents are sufficient to respond my RFE or should i provide any other details please advice

Hi @rfe

Check the complete list of documents for Specialty Occupation and Employer employee relationship here and add if there is any document missing from your list.