RFE on H4 EAD while H4 Extension is pending

I applied for H4-EAD on Mar-2021 and later while waiting I had to apply for H4 Extension July-2021,
But Now I got RFE (Asking to share the latest H4-extn copy) on H4-EAD whereas H4-Extension is still pending with USCIS, I am not sure what to respond for RFE. Can I ask for extension of RFE, Or can I just mention that H4-Extension still pending with Case Reference.
Kindly provide your thoughts or opinions. Thanks in advance.

Just send the receipt of H4 extension and cover letter explaining you applied for H4 meanwhile your H4 EAD was pending approval.


Thanks Kalpesh, That is what I am planning to.
Just a Q: Once I respond like above, Do they issue additional time or put my case on hold, Any idea? Thanks

The motive here is to reply to RFE with facts. USCIS will not approve EAD until H4 is approved.

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