RFE status pending after H1B Lottery selection

My Visa got picked in lottery and RFE was filed for Vermont service center on 31st Dec-2018 with the current employer, but my case is still pending.
Any idea when I will get an update?

Average H1B RFE processing time is 70+ days these days.

Your case seems to have taken more time than required.

Do you know what documents were requested in RFE?

I don’t know exactly what are the documents they asked that has been taken care from my vendor.

may I know is there any possiblility to get information from the vermont.

Usually if don’t know information within time will be any problem like chances of rejecting…

You cannot contact Vermont center directly. Only your Employer can contact them for your H1B application.

I cannot suggest anything unless you know what was requested in the RFE.