RPL Result (Skilled assessed unsuitable under anzsco 263111)

Hi Anil,

Today, I got result of my RPL result with unsuitable skills due to insufficient payment evidence and they have mentioned “You have been assessed as not mee􀤘ng the requirements for professional informa􀤘on technology experience of two (2) years in a field closely related to your nominated skilled occupa􀤘on”.

Could you please suggest how can i proof payment evidence? its very hard to contact previous employers to get salary slips since I am currently in UAE. And what does employment linked insurance means? is that the medical insurance we take during employment? if that then i can provide that card.

Actually, I already had a positive assessment under same discipline in June 2019 but I want to re-assess under RPL due to maximum experience points.

However, My both degrees (master+bachelor) has been assessed as major in computing.

Please note that those experiences have already been assessed suitable in previous assessment in 2019 but now how can I prove evidence of payment to get new assessment letter under RPL? Please guide

Many Thanks

Two types of payment evidence are required for ACS assessment.