RPO and PSK dont accept apostille New Zealand marriage certificate

I applied for an Indian PCC for New Zealand visa under partnership.

I and my wife got married in NZ its been 4 years. We are both in India and she has NZ origin.

Now passport kendra rejected my pcc because they do not accept nz marriage certificate ask us to get an Indian marriage certificate.

Did anyone went through this before. I have been stuck for 7 months because of this situation I don’t know who to go to, to fix it. Please let me know what to do.

Hi @Karan_Josan

You can get a marriage certificate attested from Indian embassy in New Zealand OR register your marriage again in India.

Either of this should work.

I am wondering as to why do you need marriage certificate for Indian PCC? As per my information, you only need your Indian address proof to get Indian PCC.

Hi Anil.Gupta
I applied for pcc and officer said to obtain passport with my wifes name in it but in order to do that we have to provide a marriage certificate.

My wife already contacted the indian high commissioner NZ and they said the marriage certificate already has a seal and been attested should be valid.

We have been applied before using the same marriage certificate in 2017 and I did get my PCC but now they just dont accept it and want us to register here and my wife do not agreeing in marrying again.

Hi @Karan_Josan

The spouse name on passport is optional. Passport officer cannot force you to have it.

As per my opinion, the Indian embassy attested marriage certificate should be acceptable too.

You should talk to the passport officer’s senior or someone else there.
I think the person is trying to trick you or extract bribe.