S386 deal done or not

Sir, How reliable is Amy Maldonado? She says deal is done and added some of info. Do you have more updates?

I have not heard of anything yet. We will update it here once any concrete reliable news comes out for S386.

What has Amy Maldonado shared? Can you share any links?

Here is the screenshot.

That seems like a bold statement and it may be true. I would need to verify it to find out the details and then share.

Give me some time.

If you have any other pointers, can you share with us?

I do not have much pointers just reading tweets online. Thank you!

All the immigration lawyers

ok…looks like some consensus has been reached.

I am also getting the feel looking at Twitter chatter. Lets see what happens. Thanks for the update. We have updated the S386 news tracking page.

Ok thanks for heads up.

Hope this passes soon

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Dear Anil
Thanks for this, you are the best when it comes to getting these updates with promptness and precision. One question: when they say “there will be no transition period as was framed in S386 original text”, does this refer to the green card numbers that were going to be reserved for backlogged indians and chinese? So will they still remain backlogged? How will this affect the different categories such as EB-1/ EB-2 etc…? .

Hi @ssingh4356

Details are not available yet. But, my understanding is that the reservations that were being done for first three years in transition period have been removed by giving ROW a fixed 5.7% quota.

So, its basically like removing the 7% country quota and giving out 5.7% to ROW. This is still going to benefit backlogged countries.

Thank you very much, Anil.