Salary evidence has new Company name for old company too

This is in regard to the payment evidences. My husband has worked for one of the companies for 7 years.

The company was acquired by another company after 3 years once he started working and the name of the company got changed.

Now he has requested them to provide the tax forms and salary slips as we dont have them with us now. They want to use the recent company name in all the slips and tax forms (for the first 3 years as well). Also, the letter head is with the recent company name as the old one no more exists.

Would it be acceptable if they provide us all the evidences with the recent name? Please note that it is mentioned in the reference letter that company was acquired in year 2011

Hi @Nze

I think it should be acceptable.

Thanks Anil.
I am concerned if the immigration officer raises such question as to why the recent name was used in slips and forms for the years before the company was acquired.

It really requires alot of effort to collect the proof for past 12 years and should i respond the same way that they dont want to use the previous names due to their own reasons?

Immigration officer may not raise issues if its on company letterhead.

It is okay as long as you can produce genuine verifiable documents.

Those salary slips are not on letter head but it is signed and stamped by the company. The remaining during the companys’s time period are on the letter head.

Its the same thing. As long it has some kind of validity by Employer, it should be fine.