Salary Paid in Cash from Previous Employer

Dear All,

Need your help!!!

My previous two employers paid me in cash and they explicitly mention payment in cash mode in letterhead and also they have provided me salary slips for every month.

I do have below documents from previous employer who paid me in cash:

  1. Offer letter
  2. Relieving Letter
  3. Experience Letter
  4. Salary description mentioning salary paid in Cash every month.
  5. Monthly Salary Slips

Is employer confirmation on letter head will be fine along with above documents for ACS?

If not, then what other documents we can provide here?


You can try it but ACS insists on bank statements.

Were you paid PF or insurance from Employer? Get the proof of those payments and then submit it with ‘salary paid in cash letter’.

No PF or Insurance from previous employer. But in salary slips, Basic pay, Conveyance,Leave Travel Allowance, Other Allowance, etc. are mentioned.

Again, no bank statements as they paid me in cash.

Also, one of the previous company who paid me in cash was shutdown long back.
Not sure what to do then!!

Just received reply from ACS regarding same case

Salary slups are ok
Send another proof of payment
But we haven’t anotherone

So, salary slips and salary description in letterhead with seal and sign from employers are fine, right ?

It depends upon the case officer.
I think pay slips and description on letter head are same.

Pay slips I received every month during the employment and salary description I received by the end of my employment which were also required for my next employer for background verification.

Also, what’s your next plan ?