Salary slips - third party payroll processing company name in my bank statement

My experience with the current company is from febuary 2014 till date. Upon request, the company gave me few salary slips of each year and tax forms as … but the earliest provided salary slip and tax form is from january 2015. No slip for 2014 year and no tax form as they dont have the data. Would it be acceptable or they wont count year 2014 at all?

As for the bank statement, they r using a third party company for the payroll processing so if i submit the statement for year 2014, it is the third party company name in my bank statement. Please suggest.

Hi @Nze

If you cannot provide the financial documents for a specific year, ACS may not count that period at all.

The third party company name would not be acceptable in bank statements as per my information.

Can you get a written letter from your employer that the third party company name is officially allowed to show up in bank statements even though the employer is paying the salary? That may work for you.

Acs wont count that specific year or the whole tenure?like the experience from 2014 till date is around 6 years. If they skip 2014, it will be 5 years or 0 years? Please assist.

I think they will skip only the year that you don’t have documents for.