SBI Maxgain - Regular EMI deduction

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I got a 24lakh Term home loan in 2014. EMI 27000 was being debited fom HDFC account through ecs.
I converted it to Maxgain home loan in 2018. My term loan account was closed and a new OD account is created. Till then, no EMI was debited from my salary account. Only interest is getting debited from my OD Account.

When I checked with Racpc, the officer told me to do monthly payments to my OD account. I am maintaining min 1L and parking my surplus in OD Account. If the EMI is deducted, will it also be deposited to OD account?

Is this fine or should I contact my branch to deduct EMI to reduce my principal? Please advise.

@anil_am22 Any thoughts.?

EMI goes to bank and not your OD account.

Only interest is being debited from my OD account every month and my withdrawing capacity also reduces a little every month.
What is happening to my actual principal repayment.

what should I do now? Please advise.