Self attest of marriage certificate and spouse passport copy

Does me and my spouse both need to sign the marriage certificate and spouse passport copies? Guidelines shown here also says to self attest birth certificate.

Is sending birth certificate mandatory or only under special condition when one needs to change the date of birth?

If the passport is for yourself, then you need to self-attest all the documents. I don’t think your spouse needs to sign anything.

You don’t need to send your birth certificate unless there is a change in name/place of birth/date of birth, etc.

Thanks. So to be clear, even if it is spouse’s passport copy, I need to attest it as I am the applicant?

Yes. that is correct.

Thanks for your reply. Will proceed accordingly.

Can you please confirm if I have to self attest my spouse’s passport or is she has to self attest it? It is for my passport reissue.