Senators ask Trump to Suspend H1B - Questions & Answers

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and my hunch is it will happen.

It won’t. Just senators.

as more and more Americans file for unemployments, desperate measures will be taken

Hmm … But why stop EB5 ? I thought EB5 is supposed to generate more employment for Americans ? Bit weird ask.

Also what is weird is how stopping 1 million H1B immigrants would gain employment to 33 million unemployed

Yup now that they have totally vanquished the coronavirus threat, the fearless senators are looking for other challenges to address

Pausing issuing new H1B quota is good for not only citizens but also for all H1B’s currently living in US. When a brand new H1B comes in to US they are competitors to everyone specially during this pandemic times. They already have a safe job in India and they can happily stay there. On other hand if a H1B candidate who already left Indian company here in IS and joined the client or another local company and if they lose the job then it’s hard to find another job within US and also very difficult to get a job back home.
So pausing sponsoring brand new H1B is good for everyone.

What about O-1 visa?

According to Racists, EB5 investors invest mostly in urban centers offering no benefits to rural america. They also claim that investors hire their own people and not necessarily employ Americans.

All would have been fine if these were white western europeans.

Hi Anil, my spouse is in H4 and currently she is in USA. Her H1b application Picked up in this yr lottery and Attorney going to file application by this month end. After read this article , now we are thinking whether we should proceed further or skip the application for this yr as it will save thousand of dollars. If they suspend new H1Bs , will it impact H1B applications who are in USA or its only out side of USA?

How will it save you thousands of dollars? Would you mind explaining?

Hi @SuBhA_RoCkStAr

Do not make decisions until a final order is out. I suggest to go ahead with filing H1B.

I wonder does suspending work visa mean the filed petitions/applications would be considered pending. If pending, I think many people are still able to work, with some uncertainty though.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta

@H1MON, application fee and attorney fees

Hi Anil as per your analysis will this also effect L1 to H1B COS from within USA ?Is this considered as New H1B visa OR concerns will be for the visa issues outside USA ?
I understand that its not a final order but wanted to know your opinion.

Note: H1B petition, PERM, I140 is already approved last year and have L1 Validity till june 2021.