Send 6 iphones in checked baggage from USA to India?

Hi Anil,

My Niece wants like 6 iPhones from here in the USA to Bangalore, India. I cross-checked the actual price differences and it’s really profitable to buy in the USA.

But the problem is applying the 15% estimate as per the study one would not prefer shipping. I am planning to buy them and send it with a friend of mine by putting them in checked luggage, thoughts?

There is high probability that iphones in luggage would be caught by customs at Indian airport. They are smart these days!

You will off course save money if your friend is lucky enough to evade the customs.

I suggest to calculate the duty on mobile phone import and then do a cost benefit analysis and then take the risk.

Electronic items with batteries are not allowed now a days in checked in luggage. They can scan and find out. Even if they don’t scan in USA. They will definitely in India. In india they can even scan a charger :joy: