Send Old DU transcripts now for WES Education evaluation?

Dear Anil,
I am about to send my graduation transcripts from DU campus to WES and another for my masters in PGDM from Jaipurai , however i have a doubt on different reference numbers required.

Do i need to generate 2 different WES reference numbers for different degrees or just number is fine ?? and i can use the same number on both the transcripts.

Thank you !!

Hi @Supragya_Samadariya

I am not sure if same reference number will work.

Thanks for your response Anil, I got the information for my question, We can use the same reference numbers on both envelopes for different degrees.

I got another doubt if you can help, my DU transcript was generated as of June 2018, I am planning to send it now from north campus as per the instruction on this forum.

Do i need to generate recent transcripts or June 2018 will work ??


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Hi @Supragya_Samadariya

You will need new transcripts to make it look genuinely sent by DU directly.