Send scanned copy of transcript form to Delhi University

Hi…I live in USA. I am planning to send a filled scanned copy of the application form to my Sister who lives in India. She can take a print and send it to the relevant campus of DU to get the transcripts. Can someone tell me if the scanned copy will be accepted by the University? Also can someone please suggest a reliable and reasonable mail service in India to send documents to USA.

I think its better you directly post (mail) the application form to DU and give the return envelope post marked to your sister’s Indian address.
I am not sure if scanned copy will be accepted by DU or not. They may just create issue.

What you can do is…create a return shipping label from Fedex (India) and then use a standard envelope and paste it on it. Keep this return envelope in your package and send your application form with Indian fees directly to DU.

Then, later your sister can mail the sealed transcripts to you in USA using Fedex or DHL or UPS from India to US.

Does that make sense?