Signature matching

i forgot to write change in signature on govt application form. Can i change my signature by mentioning it on change in appreance form.
It is difficult to sign exactly what i signed 10 years ago. I wasted numerous printouts just to get perfect old sign.

How different are your old and new signatures? If they are not drastically different, I think it will be alright, and no need to add anything on the appearance change form (which could create more discrepancy than having a slightly different signature).

I had included appearance and signature change in the application, but the signature in my new application form was actually closer to the old passport signature than the signature in the notarized document. I was worried about it but sent it anyway because all signatures are somewhat similar even if not exact replicas. VFS accepted the application without any issues. (Current status is ‘under process at the embassy’, and embassy tracking shows passport has been printed so I’m guessing at least there is no problem with the documents or application, I’m now waiting for police verification to complete).

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Thanks.for nice explanations. Definitely its not possible to sign with same indent and angles of all aplha characters. My signature is almost match with older one but not 100%. I wasted 25-30 colored forms just to get same one but its wasnt possible to get replica so i have signed closest one. And on other papers too i have signed similar one. I guess 80-90% matching should be fine.
Also did u self attest passport copies too?
And do share how police verification went by. I have given my parents address. Hope policeman doesn’t do any blunder.
I do mentioned change in appearance becoz 10 yrs went by now for passport.

Thanks.for the feedback

Yeah, that level of matching must be okay.
I had self-attested the passport copies. There were five sheets of paper containing the passport scanned pages (1. photo page+page1, 2. p2+p3, 3. p4+p5, 4.third- and second- last pages, 5.last page+address page), so I signed on those five pages of the printout. The VFS checklist doesn’t ask it to be self-attested, but it was advised somewhere on the am22 help pages, that’s why I signed them.
No update on PV yet, nor anything from VFS or embassy.

Thanks alot for reply. I notarized today the documents 3 pages. Pp copies i had signed , will put on date too. I wanted to know that my govt . Form has date of last week. But notarized i did today hope the signature dates doesnt matter. All my forms has same date of my application form except notary one.
Any feedback on this?

No issues - I had documents notarized different dates from date on application form - my application was accepted and reached embassy