Signature requirements for affidavits

For documents like the affidavit for change in appearance and signature where it already has a box for applicant signature, do we need to sign it again near the notary seal/sign? Or just one signature in the box is sufficient?
Fyi, the notary seal that I got looks like this

So there is no designated place within the notary seal for the applicant signature. So for the affidavit I just signed in the box and the notary signed and sealed, but for all other documents like address proof, legal status, I signed in an empty space and the notary signed and sealed next to it.

Is this ok or I did it wrong?

Will really appreciate it if someone answers my question. This is the final thing I need to resolve before shipping it out today.

Anil, I am sorry for asking another question which might seem like trivial to you. I just thought of confirming it and better be safe than sorry.