Skill select status update in website & Immigration team help desk mail id

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Pls let me know : After submitting the EOIs

  1. If skillselect gets updated anywhere if the invitation is sent? or do we receive only email.

  2. Do we have any email id for immi team to send mail ( have been searching their website but cannot find specific mail id for regular queries).

  3. As per the latest budget updates – is there any chance for offshore applicants with 90 (189) and 95 (190) under 261313 code.

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  1. If you receive a 189 invite, you will get an email plus it will be updated in your skillselect account as well.
    If you receive a 190 PRE-INVITE from any state, you will only get an email (from the state directly). Once you submit all the docs to the state and when processed by them, if it gets approved into a FINAL INVITE, you will be getting an email from DHA and the same will be updated in your skillselect account.
  1. There are no email IDs available for general inquiries. You can only call them.

  2. Nobody can be sure of that. You just have to wait and watch. As of now, none of the states have opened their 190 for offshore. Only 491 is open that too by few states.
    And 189 is just having quarterly invitations targeted for onshore and critical care occupations.

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Thank you much Pooja…would you pls let me know where can i find the number to call immi team for general queries.

Here you go:

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Thank you much Pooja…