South Australia GSM 190 /491

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I have created an EOI for Software Engineer and selected 190 and 491 for all states.
I applied for SA state nomination for GSM 190.
I currently working in South Australia and have been living here for more than 12months.
I received an approval for GSM 190 but Skillselect shows an invite for 491 State and Regional Nomination.

I am confused with the approval.
Could you throw some light on SA 190 process.


I don’t understand your question.

Hi Anil,

I applied 190 nomination in the state migration link for Software Engineer role. And they approved it but granted an invite to 491 Regional visa.
In my EOI, I selected both 190 and 491. So, I can only see an invite under 491.

I must have missed something in my application to not be selected for 190.
My work involves travelling to Melbourne and Brisbane on temporary basis for workshops and trainings.
Can I still do that on 491 Visa or should I lodge a new EOI for 190 alone.

I think if the primary place of work and living is part of regional area which qualifies for 491 sponsorship, then you should be fine.

Hi, I have similar kind of situation. As per move to south Australia web site they asked to apply both 190 and 491 visa even if you want to apply for 190, so I did. And I received 491 state nomination application invitation instead of 190. They didn’t give option to choose. Basically I want to apply for 190 but didn’t received invitation for that. Hence i have updated my EOI to only 190 instead of applying both. My score for 190 is 70 and 491 is 80. However I have received invitation for 491 state nomination application (not visa),will I get separate invite for 190 as I have updated my EOI to 190 only? Do I have to wait until this 491 invitation get expired? I’m confused

Hi Snehal,

If you received 491 and is still active, the your EOI will not be picked up for 190.

I did not go thru with my 491. After it got expired, I changed my options in EOI to only 190 and unselected 491. Then reapplied for 190. Still waiting for a response though.

Swati Alladi

Hi Swati,

Thanks for the update. But what if we don’t receive 190 invites? Can we reapply to 491 after the invite got expired. I don’t know at what score they are looking for 190 invitations? Do you have any idea about this? What is your score and which code are you applying for?



Hi Snehal,

Yes, you can reapply for 190/491 but 491 is the new preferred option for the state. If you choose both 190 and 491, chances of getting 190 is less. You need to justify why you need 190 and not 491. You also need to show a commitment to the state.

190 score varies from state to state. Its purely a state decision. SA gives a preference to folks already working in SA.

Swati Alladi