Speed up redelivery of EAD with congressman after "Non-delivery of a EAD card” to USCIS

Hi, My initial OPT EAD card was returned back by USPS to USCIS due to miss-handling issues.
Now currently my EAD has just reached USCIS and I want them to send it back asap.
I have already submitted an e-request for “non-delivery of a EAD card” but it has not been assigd so far to any officer.
Do you think local congressman would help to expedite this case to resend my EAD asap?

What all documents he might have to show uscis to expedite my resending of card? Appreciate your help.

Hi @Rahil_H

You can try but i am not sure that expedite request would work with congressman would yield result any faster than normal USCIS speed.

Thanks for the reply.
Do you have any idea how long uscis takes to resend the card back? do they actually resend it?
USCIS Customer care told me to wait 30 days after submitting e-request for “Non delivery of a card”.

is it safer to apply for the replacement card asap or wait till they resend my card. Please suggest

Hi @Rahil_H

I am not sure how much time this process might take. I have not heard of this before. Sorry.