Split Name in Indian Passport - USA - 2021

Hello All,

Has anyone split the name in the Indian Passport from USA recently ? what were the documents submitted ?

When i submitted the application with VFS in Feb 2021, I had shared the original notarized affidavit in the expected format along with attested Aadhaar /pan card / school certificate copies.
But today received an intimation from VFS(Submit 2 public documents with new name (split name)) which clearly has the name as you had mentioned(Given Name : A & Surname: B) and do not know any government docs issued in this format.

Could anyone please advice ASAP how you to proceed ?

I did check in other messages but haven’t noticed an answer for this concern.

I had gone through this process back in 2012 @ the consulate in Houston. Back then the process involved turning in your old passport along with an affidavit, requesting the name be split and that was about it. They didn’t ask for anything more. Looks like requirements have changed since then.

How about your Drivers license and US visa sticker ? Do they show your name being split ? If so you could ask VFS if that would work

Did you figure out a solution for this ? The following official website clearly acknowledges that none of the Indian documents (PAN card, Aadhar card) show the name of person in Given name and Last name format. Did VFS provide any guidelines for what documents they will accept ?


Hi Ajith,

Did you get this resolve? I am into the same situation now and stuck. Please help

Hi Karthik / Dinesh,

Received the new passport today (April 15 2021) with the name split. ( Took 2+ months with SFO cons.)

Documents submitted are Name Change Affidavit , Aadhaar card / PAN Card / US Driving License / US Bank Account Statement.