Spouse with Medical Condition in H4

Hi Anil - Can you please let me know attending PA with Spouse who is pregnant is advisable ? Usually we will do medical checkup provided by employer. In this scenario medical checkup will cause any issue for travel and immigration ? Please advise.

Hi @simhaval13

I do not understand your question.

What do you mean by ‘PA’? Why are you going for medical check up? What is your current location?

PA - personal appearance for visa interview in US consulate.
My employer does medical checkup before anybody travels to USA. Currently i am in India.
My question is, there are any restriction given by US immigration for H4 spouses to travel during medical condition like pregnancy ?

H4 spouse has to appear for interview unless she is eligible for dropbox.

If this is first stamping, then she is not eligible for dropbox.

She can travel as long as the doctor is okay for her to travel.