SSN name correction H1B name is correct

I have been trying to correct my name with the SSN office I have recent 797 with I94 attached with my correct name but SSN office is sending the documents back saying I need to provide original I94.
Are they assuming 797 attached I94 is not enough. Any suggestion will be helpful.

This has created issues with Driver License and I am not able to renew my license due to name mis- match.

Did you try calling them and ask if they need original I-797/1-94 in case you submitted a photocopy in past and then rejected? Normally SSN office will want to see original documents including passport. I suggest you get an in person appointment and carry original documents.

Yes they do require original. So I mailed them original 797 with I94 attached. Still they responded with letter below.
I did attach photo copy(with the original) to explain and highlight that where is the I94 attached as earlier they sent back my original 797 with I94 back saying I94 is missing but still same problem happened again.

So I am guessing you also mailed original passport? It is odd if they returned original documents and then demand the same. As suggested, you may go for in person appointment and hopefully it will help.