Stamping after my wife's h1 revocation by USCIS due to Employer's negligence

Hi All

Here is my situation:

My visa: H1b - approved till October 2023(10th year) - Full time employee of a US organization

My wife came to US in October 2015 in H4. In 2016, she got a job with consultancy company and they filed her H1 and got it approved. She started working for a client from January 2017 (Delivered baby in November 2016 and so, could not go to work till December 2016). In the month of July 2017, her employer called her and said that USCIS had revoked her H1 since the employer could not reply the Intent to revocation letter sent by USCIS.

In August 2018, she found another employer and filed H1 transfer. Since there was no premium processing, we had to wait till January 2018 and applied for premium processing. She got RFE for skilled employment and we responded back. But USCIS has denied it saying that it is not a skilled employment. She went to India immediately.

We have been separated due to these issues for the past 3 years and we are planning to go for stamping.

Will there be a problem in getting the stamping?
Is it better to go together (me and my wife) for stamping or to get my wife’s H4 stamping first?
Will there be any consequences to my H1b?

It does not matter if you go together or separately. If its H4 visa, i do not see any problem.