Stamping expired, but extension approved visa with i94 available - can i travel on disney cruise?


I am on H1B visa and my wife is on H4 and Son is a US citizen. My visa stamping is expired on my passport, but my extension is approved until 2025. So I have an approved visa but no stamping.

Can I travel on Disney cruise? I already saw a post and based on research it is allowed if I go to Canada or Mexico for less than 30 days with automatic visa revalidation rule, BUT, my question is
If I take a disney cruise that is travelling to Cozumel, MEXICO, but that cruise actually do a stop over at it’s disney island ‘Castaway Cay’ in Bahamas for few hours and then leaves for Mexico. When I return back to enter US, will the visa revalidation rule apply and will I be able to enter US with no issues wihtout stamping as I am returnign from Mexico and the stop over in Bahamas at Disney island is NOT going be an issue or any stamping won’t be done at Bahamas?

Please let me know. No one is able to answer this question.

If you are entering Caribbean waters, that is considered non-contiguous territory for H1B & H4 and AVR may not work.

Hi @Ankit_Garg2 ,

Where you able to do the Disney Cruise and return back to the US?