Stamping with H1B amendment approval while transfer is pending?

Hello Anil,

My employer is A and working for B (got my H1B amendement approval last week).

Now B is in process of filing my H1B transfer in next weeks.

My question :
I’m planning to travel to my home country in March, can i go for stamping with the H1B amendment approval while the transfer is pending?

If my transfer approves after my arrival in USA, can i join company B? or will there be any issues as i travelled while transfer was in progress?

Thanks in advance

Your travel is high risk. You can apply for H1B stamping using approved H1B Amendment while H1B Transfer is pending with Client B.

Usually, when an H1B is pending at the time of your travel, USCIS does not issue the new i94 with H1B approval.
If that happens, you will have to travel out of USA again to get the new i94 for your H1B transfer.

Thanks Anil,
But with the transfer pending, will there be any issues at the port of entry while coming to usa?

And after my h1b transfer approval i need to travel out of usa and come back?

If you read my answer, I have already answered both of these questions.

Thanks Anil… I missing some information in my question.

I will not be working for company B on their payroll till the approval…

As I’m currently working for company B thru employer A( for which amendment is approved)

Is it still high risk to go for stamping ??

Is your answer same for this ??

Please let me know… I’m really confused;(

If you travel after amendment approval, your risk is low.
If you travel while Amendment is pending, risk is still high.

Thanks Anil. Yes my amendment is approved, but transfer will be pending during the travel time.