State Nomination Process

Hello @anil_am22

I have recently submitted EOI but I have a confusion regarding state nomination. After submitting EOI under 190 and 491, do we have to submit any state nomination in each State website for to nominated by the State which we have opted in the EOI?


Hello Christy,

For 190, you have to check each state’s website for the selection criteria. Some states like VIC has diff criteria for diff job codes, for instance, all ICT/Software/Nursing professionals have to submit EOI in skillselect and then wait for the state to pick their EOI (which is called Pre Invite) and then they are asked to submit state nomination and if that is approved by the state,the applicant is given the final invite to apply for 190 VISA. But for other professionals, they dont have to wait for Pre Invite, they can directly submit state nomination after submitting EOI. This is only for VIC. You need to do your own research for all the states and see if the criteria under your job code.

Having said that, If you are offshore, then until Oct 6, all the states wont be sending any invite to offshore applicants and are inviting only onshore. The situation/criteria might change post Annual Budget announcement (6 oct). So,keep an eye on each state’s official website to be updated with the changes.

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Thank you @negi. It helps.