Statutory Affidavit from Co-worker

Hi Anil,

What should be the value of the stamp paper on which Statutory Affidavit from Co-worker should be notarized?

Sorry to bother you Anil, but I am still not clear on which stamp paper need to be used here. The revenue stamp on the paper should be of Rs.100 or more?

It clearly says that you can print on plain paper. Stamp paper is not required. What’s the confusion?


My company will not provide reference letter, i need to get a letter from my manager. I have been working for 11 years and none of my managers i worked with are still in company except the one i am working with from year 8. Will his letter be enough or it is mandatory to get only from someone who is with me for 11 years

Hi @vinooraps

ACS will only count the work experience as mentioned in the reference letter.

Your current manager can only endorse the portion of your work that he has seen.

Hi Gurus

I have been asked with below question from the CO:
"Provide Work reference letter on official letterhead for company ‘AAA’

So should I submit the co-worker reference or the Experience letter which my company has issued?, infact I had already submitted both Supervisor’s employment reference in Affidavit and also Experience certificate from the company, but again CO is asking it.

I have only been given 5 days to reply, so it is better i submit both again?


Hi @rajyuv0220

You should get the letter as requested by CO.

It is possible that CO is asking for work experience letter as a proof of your co-worker’s Employment but i can’t tell without complete information.

Indeed, I had submitted coworkers service letter provided on company’s letter head, coworker statutory affidavit, and my company’s experience and receiving letter.

It seems that CO are not checking the submitted documents, they were already provided by me.


Hi Anil,
I got negative skill assessment today, below is my result:

Your ICT skills have been assessed to be unsuitable for migration under ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer
You have been assessed as not meeting the requirements for professional information technology
experience of six (6) years after the relevant qualification in a field closely related to your nominated skilled
Your qualification has been assessed as follows:
Your Bachelor of Science from ABC university completed June 2005 has been assessed as
comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Minor in computing.
Your work experience has been calculated as follows on the basis of full time employment of at least 20hrs
per week:
Dates: 06/05 - 02/07 - 0 year(s) 0 month(s)
Position: Associate Software Engineer - Not Assessable Due to Unverifiable Experience
Employer: BBB Software
Country: Outside Of Australia
Dates: 07/10 - 12/11 - 1 year(s) 5 month(s)
Position: Software Engineer
Employer: CCC Software
Country: Outside Of Australia
Dates: 12/11 - 05/12 - 0 year(s) 5 month(s)
Position: Iam Engineer
Employer: DDD pvt Ltd
Country: Outside Of Australia
Dates: 05/12 - 12/13 - 0 year(s) 0 month(s)
Position: Senior Software Engineer - Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Documentation
Employer: EEE Services Pvt Ltd
Country: Outside Of Australia

Dates: 02/14 - 05/19 - 0 year(s) 0 month(s)
Position: Senior Consultant - Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Documentation
Employer: FFF Ltd
Country: Outside Of Australia
Dates: 05/19 - 05/20 - 1 year(s) 0 month(s)
Position: Lead Consultant
Employer: GGG Limited
Country: Outside Of Australia

Recently the CO asked for Work
Please provide the following additional documents in order to verify your employment

  1. Work reference letter on official letterhead for FFF and EEE,
  2. FORM 26AS downloaded from TRACES Website from 2008 onwards .

I had shared the the work reference letter as Statutory co worker letter, my experience and reference letter on Companys letter head but still no luck.

There is no description of "Work reference letter " in ACS guidelines. Please guide what to be done.

I have already submitted Payslip, Bank statement, Form 26 AS from traces website, Form 16 but no use, 6.8 years of experience is gone waste . Also it says 6 years work experience, does it mean they gonna deduct 6 years of my total?


What degree have you completed? Bachelor of Science in what?


Hi Anil,
I was not able to obtain Roles and Responsibility Letter from my current employer as I don’t want to the disclose reason to my manager. I’ve got a declaration signed by my colleague which talks about Roles and Responsibility. Also, I’ll be submitting Employment status letter which has my joining date and states that I’m currently working with the company on a company letter head. Is that enough ? Or is there anything else required ?

Hi @Madhurya_Koneri

You need a letter from HR saying that they cannot issue a ‘roles and responsibilities’ letter.