Statutory Declartion and Declarant Proofs

Hi Anil, @Anil.Gupta

Could you please confirm what is the below NEW requiremets from ACS?

The declarant must provide at least one of the following as evidence of their working relationship with the applicant:
• Employment certificate/statement of service
• Leaving certificate if no longer working at the same company

In above declarant means co-workern(who is providing reference letter)…Just wondering in real scenarios-who will share the above personal docs. Are those mandate, i couldn’t see in any blog (am22tech) taking about this.

What docs are enough to proceed?

I have below docs handly for each employment;
Relieving Letter
Any two payslips during employment
Co-Worker Reference Letter

Shubham Gupta

Yes, they mean the co-worker.

ACS requirement is pretty strict these days and if you do not submit this co-worker relationship or Employment letter, they will give negative result.

Full list of documents for ACS is given here.

@Anil.Gupta for Stat Dec its written :
Statutory Declarations and Affidavits will only be accepted in situations where an applicant is unable to obtain an employment reference as per Section 7.1.
An explanation will be required from your employer as to why an employment reference letter cannot be provided.

Can you please tell is it important to get this explanation and what exactly does it look like?

I only have a email from company reference letter team asking me to change format of letter which wont comply with ACS. will this email be enough?

If along with statutory declaration, i also submit my proof of employment from my employer on a company letter head. would that workout?

This will not work. Some people have got ACS assessment without the Employer’s letter and co-worker letter but its not guaranteed.


thanks so much for your reply. I have one doubt, it would be great if you can clarify that.

I have a statutory declaration provided by a senior employee + I am attaching “Employment certificate/statement of service on official company letterhead” for my senior and myself both.

This is document is for both of us. this document is basically the proof of employment received from employer which contains

• Start and Finish Dates of Employment
• Position title
• Hours worked - Full time
• Country where Employment was undertaken
• Company Letterhead and signed by an authorised person for the organisation

Only thing it does not contain is
• Description of Duties Performed

for this reason i have to do statutory declaration.

what do you suggest in this case , will it work?


Requesting your attention to the above question.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

You can try. Do you have any other option if i say it won’t work?