Stimulus check as Tax Refund when file Tax Return for 2020?

Another question - based on “Stimulus Check” being an “Advanced Tax Credit” (I may be wrong here) -

Even if someone does not qualify for Stimulus Check based on IRS criterion now, would they receive the same amount (as of Stimulus Check) as Tax Refund when file Tax Return for 2020 (in 2021) because Stimulus Check is actually an Advanced Tax Credit so it is just a question either getting Stimulus benefit now vs 2021?

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You are right. It is an advanced tax credit. Infact you are the first person who has understood it to this level and have asked a very meaningful question.

I really appreciate it.

As per my opinion, the tax amount will be adjusted in Tax return 2020.

Rest will depend on how IRS interprets the bill text. I will share once i get more information.