Submit both mine and my partner’s ACS and PTE in EOI application

Hi Anil G,
I was under impression that I could submit both mine and my partner’s ACS and PTE in EOI application, isn’t it true or this example is only for single applicant?

You have to submit spouse ACS and PTE only if you are claiming spouse points.

thanks for quick reply. considering that’s the case, is that submission going to be in this EOI application or somewhere else? Sorry I am unaware of the process and this may be a basic question, but I am still in the discover phase.

What do you mean. Are you claiming spouse points or not claiming?

Yes I am claiming spouse points.

At this time, you will only submit the details of points in EOI. No document needs to be uploaded.
Once you get an invite, you will need to create an account on separate website called immiaccount.

There, you will upload all proofs to support your EOI claims.

Got it!!
I also figured out that STEP 9 in your slides allow’s me to add spouse’s details if I want to claim points. figured it out!!
Thank you again for such a detail step by step process. This helps a lot!!