Submit H1b for revocation

Hi @anil_am22,

I noticed your response on several topics which is hugely helpful. Could you help me take a look at my status and share any suggestions?

I recently took my interview for my first H1b stamping, which was approved in 2021, but due to job duty changes, my current job title and work responsibilities are not perfectly matched to what is written in the petition letter. During the interview, the officer asked me to write down all my current job duties and printed a petition letter, asked me to erase all the work I am not doing right now, and add notes to it. I did what she asked me to. And it turned out they wanted to submit my petition for revocation.

The officer also asked how many people are in the company, which is 28 right now. It is a pharmaceutical company located in the US and also has branches in China, the drug was not approved by FDA in 2021 but the company is still working on it. The officer also asked what is my manager’s name, title, and other vendors that the company used.

In this situation, will they assume I am not honest and because the information does not match, reject my visa and put me on the blacklist? Now I have some ideas about the next step.

Since the company will keep me as a full-time employee for now, but no payroll activities as I am out of the U.S,

1: wait for the notice from USCIS and see how to argue, it may take a long time.
2: try to reschedule another appointment in my home country and try to explain it again, but my original I-797 was taken by the officer who interviewed me, can I take a copy of the I-797 and do the interview?
3: asked the company’s lawyer to submit an H1B amendment or H1B extension ASAP and get the approval notice, use the new approval notice, and schedule an interview, but in this interview, I should better explain what caused the denial during the previous interview.
4: If my H1b is revoked. as I can travel to Canada, and my bf holds a Canadian PR, he has h1b, I-140 approved, can I try to apply for H-4 instead? Is the chance of approving it too low or is it too risky?
5: apply for a B1/B2 visa, but I assume the possibility of approval will not be too high.

Thank you in advance! Looking forward to all suggestions and advice!