Submitted EOI for ANZSCO 263111 in 2020 for 189

Hi, can you provide any estimate about the waiting period to receive an invitation. I have 85 points for 189 and 85+5 for 190. Applied for NSW and VIC. My occupation is computer network professional 263111. EOI date is 18 September 2019

Hi @Mx_deville

I cannot estimate the timing but 85 is a good score to expect an invite in near future.

is any EOI update this month 11-03-2020?

Hi Anil,
I got my acs positive yesterday , my scores are
Single: 10
Experience: 15
PTE: 20
Total:85 (189)
State : 90
Ansz code 263111

Please tell me my chances to get invitation and what is the expected time.

Hi Anil - I have submitted EOI with 80 points for 189 and 85 for NSW 190 and 85 points for WA 190 as well, DOE is Nov 19th 2019 (5 English language points for spouse).

Need your advice on

  1. Shall I keep on waiting for the invite? Do you foresee an invite for 26311 with 80 points in the next 2, 3 rounds?

  2. OR Shall I give NAATI Urdu exam in Dubai or Malaysia to get extra 5 points? Please suggest …


I have applied EOI in 263111 on 22May 2020. do i have any chances to get invited.
189 score : 90 points.

I will lose age points in October 2021.


Hi Everyone,

I’m holding with 80 points for 189 visa and 85 points for 190 visa, i applied for computer network professionals on 25th july 2020. Is there any chance for me to get invite for 190 visa ?

I have 80 points under 189 for ANZSCO 263113 - System Administrator.
What are my chances of invitation under the current circumstances within the next 2 years?
I am open to 190 as well.

Hi @anil_am22

I have lodged my EOI this month (DOE-16th October) under Systems Analyst for 189(90points) and 190 (95 points). Can you please let me know if they have low, medium or High availability) and if NSW is giving invite for this category?

Thank you

Hi @priya_khatri

You can check the availability yourself on NSW website.

Hey @anil_am22

I did checked on the website. But for 2020 it’s not clear.
Can you please let me know.
Also Is there any chance for me to get invite in 95 points for system analyst?
Thank you for your help:)

May be because for FY 20-21, the list is not yet posted by the NSW Govt. Keep an eye on the website!

Are you offshore or onshore? I hope you did see on the website that they are only inviting onshore people (only residing in NSW) in selected health, ICT and engineering occupations.

No I am onshore in Sydney

You can read the below article to find out your chances of invitation in 2021.

You can submit a new EOI if you did not receive an invite until that time.

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