Submitted EOI for Systems Analyst with 80 Points (189) and 90 Points for (190) subclass

Hi Sir, Me and wife submitted EOI for 261112 last year Nov 2019
80 Points (189) and 90 Points for (190) subclass.
we have not received any invite till date. Sir, Spent lot of time and money in getting desired scores and consultants (Y-Axis). Please suggest if we can do anything to add more points or advise anything sir. Really feeling upset and feeling disappointed.

How come it is 80 points for 189 and 90 points for 190? You only get 5 state sponsorship points for 190 so it should be 85 for 190.

Also, if you are offshore at the moment, chances are really bleak. 189 is having a targeted invitation round each month where priority is being given to onshore healthcare occupations. For 190, states are only inviting people residing in their states from a specific period of time.
There is nothing you can do at the moment unless you can increase your points (if you have the option) or may be time to think of a Plan B rather than waiting indefinitely for a 189/190 invitation.

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Hi Negi, Thank you for your response. I am from Life Sciences background (Health Information Manager) - Vetassess. We were told that my points will not be considered for 189 subclass.

For 189 - Primary Applicant is my wife IT background with 80 points.

For 190 - I have added my skill assessment points here and also 5 for state eligibility, in total 90. Please advise if there is anything we missed.

Makes sense now. But for 190-states haven’t opened up for Offshore applicants yet so it might be a long wait for you guys. For 189, 80 points are not enough so re calculate your options now.