Supplement J Mandatory When Changed to New Employer?

Hi Anil, My Sup J is approved and now actually planning to
Move new company next week and they are ready to give Sup J . Is it mandatory to file Sup j or I can wait until RFE/ NOID as other friend suggested we can send when we get rfe in case they asked and to avoid any more questions from them now . My PD EB3 Dec 2014 .

Please refer to excerpts from the below link.

If changing employer after 180 days of pending I-485, and you intend to use the new job for your I-485 approval, I would proactively file 485J to avoid any delays due to RFE/NOID.

If you are requesting job portability to a new, permanent job offer under INA section 204(j), you may file Supplement J only after:

  • You have properly filed a Form I-485 based on an approved or pending Form I-140 that names you as the principal beneficiary;
  • The Form I-485 has been pending with USCIS for 180 days or more since the receipt date; and
  • You have received:
    • A new, permanent job offer from a U.S. employer that is in the same or similar occupational classification as the job offered to you in the original Form I-140, and you would like to request that we use the new job offer when making a decision on your Form I-485; or

    • An RFE or a NOID from USCIS regarding your pending Form I-485 that asks for confirmation that the job offered to you in the Form I-140 or a previously filed Supplement J is still available to you; or

    • A NOID from USCIS regarding your Form I-485 because the petitioner has withdrawn the Form I-140 filed for you, or the petitioner of your Form I-140 has gone out of business.

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